Monday, June 8, 2009

Shedding season???

From the puffy Fluffy! Mom says she could create another cat with all my hair!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Open windows..

For some reason, I was sick yesterday and Monday morning. Thankfully, I was ok today, so Mom doesn't think there is a need for a vet visit. She thinks she knows what the problem was (hairballs and constipation... ok, that's embarrassing..) But now I'm pooping fine, I'm eating, and no more breakfast rejections!

On a different note, I love sniffing the nice breezy Spring air when the windows are open. When I lived in a house, Mom or Grandma would put a chair by the back door, and I would lay there sniffing the air. Now that I live in an apartment building without a balcony, I am unable to do so. Fortunately, Mom can be creative, so she came up with this idea. Of course because of the height, I have to be closely supervised, but I sure like this idea!! In the first picture, you can really notice my Persian characteristics. :) (eg. flat face, large stocky paws, etc.)

Don't I make a great looking statue? >^^<

Sniffing the air!

"Ornament cat"!