Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm a big sister!!

No, Mom didn't get another cat... (although, she would love to!) Maybe in a few months from now, we'll adopt a shelter cat.

I'm a big sister because my biological mom & dad (Sparrow & Cruikshanks) recently had a litter of 2 little girls and one boy! They all look like my mom. Sadly, I heard that my great-grandmother (Elisabeth) passed away. :( She was such a sweet kitty. Mom says she still doesn't know where I "come from". She's still convinced that I'm a gremlin...

On another note, Happy All Hallows' Eve everyone! Here are pics of me in my costume, and the new babies!


My 2 baby sisters and baby brother

My mom, Sparrow

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Differences between Mr. Fluffy and Princess Prada

I know we shouldn't compare our pets, but there are just some things we can't help but notice. A few examples:

Dress up time:
Mr. Fluffy - Meh.
Princess Prada - Get... that... thing... off... of.. me... before I shred your hand and turn it into coleslaw!

Mr. Fluffy - Oooo, ham! My favourite! Oooo, turkey! My favourite! Oooo, chicken! My favourite! Oooo, lettuce! My favourite! Oooo, yogurt! My favourite! Oooo, apple sauce! My favourite! Oooo, SOAP BARS! My favourite!
Princess Prada - Ew. Royal Canine Kitten formula #36, dry ONLY, please! No treats, none of that wet food chicken intestine slop. Just Royal Canine Kitten formula #36, DRY. OK?????

Mr. Fluffy - Toy? What's that? Nap time.
Princess Prada - Where's my ball??? Where's my ball??? Mom, I lost my ball!!! Mom!!! Hello??? HELLLLOOOOOO!!!! Play with me! Play with me!!! Find my ball before I turn your back into my new scratching post!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Extra time at Grandma's with Maya

Good evening everyone,

Mom and I went home to Grandma's last Wednesday evening, as Mom had a conference. We were supposed to come back home yesterday, but I REALLY didn't want to go back! Mom had to chase me everywhere, and I plainly refused to go home. I was having so much fun with Maya that I didn't want to leave! Anyway, Mom was late for her "coffee date" with Auntie J before leaving to go back, so she asked Grandma if she minded me staying an extra week. Of course, she had to go back for work, but I get sooo much attention here, and another kitty to play with! Maya and I are getting along a lot better now! Grandma called Mom earlier and told her how much fun I'm having here. Mom says she really misses me, but is happy to know that I am getting all this attention and play. She's missing out on all the fun! She is spending all her "free time" in meetings and marking papers! Yuck. Anyway, she is anxious to come get her "little ray of sunshine" on the weekend.

Pictures to come soon.

-Prada Pumpkin Head

Sunday, October 3, 2010

December 1, 2009 - October 3, 2010

RIP Gingerbread house!

Found the pictures!

My mom can be sooooo weird!

You want to know my mom's latest fascination? My knees. You heard right - my knees. She says I'm so cute when I sit pretty, and she like to poke and prod my fuzzy little knees. Told you she is weird...

On a slightly different note, that old gingerbread house of hers FINALLY kicked the bucket. It collapsed and made a mess of dried frosting and gingerbread all over the floor. Would you believe that thing sat there since last Xmas? I would say it was time!! Mom said it was special because she and Mr. Fluffy made it together. Whatever, I'm just glad to see it gone.

Oh yeah, I think Mom's getting a Fall picture taken of me. The SPCA in her hometown is having an outdoor Fall photoshoot, in a couple weekends from now and Mom would like to take me! We will be there that weekend for a conference (well, she thinks.. she needs a final approval for a supply teacher). What a great opportunity to support the local shelter!

We couldn't find the picture of Fluffy helping Mom with the house, but here is a picture of him admiring the bird shortbread cookie. It's the closest picture we could find!