Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toys & Pedigrees

Hello all,

Well, Mom's getting fed up with me dumping 1/2 my litter out of my kitten box, so she decided to go buy me an "adult" cat litterbox to see if that will fix the problem. I still have my kitten box in the livingroom, but eventually Mom wants me using just the big one in the bathroom. Of course, Mom can't just get ONE thing. She also bought me my food. I eat Royal Canine Babycat34 and some Iams. Unfortunately, I only eat my food when it is VERY fresh and not sitting there for a few hours. Mom thinks I'm too picky.

As a special treat, Mom got me a cool new scratching post I love and "Cat Sitter dvd" with lots of cool rodents and birds. Mr. Fluffy's best friend Napoleon LOVES his dvd, so Mom decided to try it on me. I love it as well! She also bought me Pet Head purrtastic passion fruit shampoo for baths!! Mom wants to get me used to baths in preparation of cat shows next year. I guess I have to be squeeky clean and not full of yogurt and matted fur. Whatever.

Speaking of cat shows, Mom is filling out my papers to register me with the Cat Fanciers' Association (my litter is already registered, but not my name and owner) and applying for my pedigree (my family tree). She is requesting 6 generations (126 ancestors) which is quite expensive, but will be nice to have (especially for shows).
-Princess Miu Miu Prada di Saks

Here are some fun facts:

My great-grandmother Charlotte is a Grand Champion Show cat.

My dam's (mom) name is Sparrow and is a Persian with copper eyes.

My sire's (dad) name is Cruikshanks!! How adorable is that!! Mom loves the name!

I may be related to LeonardCohen. (Not the singer. The cat.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Fluffy and other happenings..

Mom's been thinking about Mr. Fluffy a lot lately and says she misses him tremendously. She is still having a hard time accepting that he is not here. One good thing is that she is not bitter toward me (thankfully!!) for not being like him. She loves my silliness and adorable little self, but she still misses having him around which I can understand. From what I hear, he was quite the little man!

Mom says she misses him as much as she has grown to love me. I guess that is a good thing..? And she is glad to have a kitten in her life again. At least she isn't as nervous as she used to be!! Personally, I think her nervousness has been replaced by a great sense of guilt for having to leave me all day while she's at work. See, she is done her internship now, but was quickly grabbed for a long term supply position that is for the rest of the school year. She wasn't even on the supply list yet for that school district!! Great for pay cheques rolling in, but bad for quality time together. We're both looking forward to the summer now for that very reason! She will still have to work, but at least she will not have to take extra time at home to lesson plan, mark work, tests, attend meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. She misses the kids she had during her internship as difficult as the class could be. They all gave her nice cards when she left, and the supply teacher that was in on a day she was away for an interview decided to create student evaluations. Mom was almost scared to look at them (because she had to use so much discipline - in a reasonable and fair manner of course), but was very impressed and touched by all their comments. She was teary the day she left and some of the kids even cried and told her she couldn't leave. She realized that she really did make some differences in some kids lives. She will certainly never forget them.

Anyway, back to me, I do like living here!! I have sooo many toys to play with!!

Some really nice comments from the kids:
"My favourite memory of Ms. **** is that she was so nice and very easy to understand too."
"She was a great teacher and very nice. She was my favourite!"
"Ms. **** was great at teaching and always did really fun things with us."
"My favourite memory of MS. **** is always!"
"She was always really good at listening to me when I had problems. I won't forget you. You were the best!"
"My favourite memory is when she was teaching us."
"She is so much fun and was an extremely good teacher. I think she will be a good teacher."
"She is the best teacher in the world!"

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mom has been trying to train me to give my paw, and so far so good. She doesn't even have to bribe me with treats, just lots of praise! When I'm sitting down, she says "give me your paw" and I will shake hands with her. She also wants to try fetching with me. Not sure I want to, but she can try.

Guess what! I got new toys last night and Auntie came over today to meet me and brought me toys too!! I think I'm going to like it here!! There are sooooo many things to play with!! Mind you, I still think biting Mom's fingers and toes is more fun (she disagrees!)

Well, tomorrow is v-e-t day. I will update again tomorrow about that dreaded visit! Poor Grandma has it worse than I do though. :( She is very sick right now and had to go to the hospital by ambulance! :( I hope she feels better soon! Please send good vibes for her...

-Princess Prada (aka. Evel Knievel)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miss Evel Knievel kitten

I'm part kitten, part puppy and part daredevil!!!

I'm starting to adjust nicely to my new home! I'm not as jumpy or nervous now. As a matter of fact, Mom says that I have turned into a real Evel Knievel! I love to jump when I'm being handled and Mom says it's a big surprise, I haven't broken my legs yet (especially on the hard kitchen floor). It is hard to catch me before I decide to perform one of my stunts! I'm also a total kluts and Mom has had to clean up after me several times for knocking over food and water dishes and I run into things.

I'm also part puppy because I love to follow Mom around the apartment, and I carry my toys around in my mouth. I don't know how to fetch yet, but Mom is thinking of trying to teach me. For now, I just like dragging my toys to my favourite areas.

I'm a real purring machine now, and I LOVE to cuddle (especially at night in bed!!!)

Anyway, Mom mentionned some terrible "v" word today. She said I have to go to the vet on Friday for a general checkup and possible vaccinations. Doesn't that mean needles?? She assured me that I will like the nice doctor. It may be the same vet who put big brother Fluffy down.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Greetings from the new addition!

Hello everyone!!

My name is Miuccia (Miu Miu) Prada di Saks, but just call me Prada. I know it's a long name and it's actually LONGER than that because my breeder had to add a litter-related name for my registry with the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association). As you know, I am a pedigreed kitten. I am a Seal Tortie Point Himalayan with Lynx coat pattern! I know, my breed is just as long as my name! Such complications for such a little girl!

Anyway, I will be going home to live with my new mom very soon. She is away this weekend and is very busy until Wednesday afternoon, so I think that is when I will be at my furever home! I visited my new home twice. Yesterday didn't go so well. I was very stressed and wasn't quite ready for a long visit. Today was a lot better. As a matter of fact, I didn't want to come back to my breeder's! Mom thinks I am so tiny and is very nervous about bringing home such a young kitten (I will be barely 6 weeks old when I will be going home!) My big brother Mr. Fluffy who is frolicking around Rainbow Bridge was at least 3 months old when Mom got him! The apartment is WAY too big for me right now, so my new mom set up a little area for me with my bed, toys, litter and food area. Still, I have the run of the whole place (except the bedroom which Mom describes as a "disaster area" and would take a week to find me if I went exploring in there). Still, she has to watch me very closely because I'm such a curious little explorer!! Hey, EVERYTHING is exciting (but scary) when you're about the size of a woman's foot! Mom also thinks I'm a little tomboy (or tomcat??) who is a little messy and a bit of a klutz. So I'm not living up to my name. Perhaps she should have called me "Billy-Jo" or something. MOL!

I am very independent and only like being cuddled unless it's on my terms (if not, I meow my little lungs out!!) Mom is actually scared that I'll bust a lung! She also thinks I'm too skinny (like my Auntie J). She is so scared to break me. Ok, relax lady! No wonder I was so stressed. Because of all your nervousness!! Ok, I am also sooo active right now and absolutely LOVE playing. Of course, I need a nap right after a long play session! Something else Mom's not used to. I guess my big brother was an elderly guy and slept about 22 hours a day. Wake up call for Mom... I'm a frisky little kitten!! Eventually, I will settle down, but not for a while!

Anyway, I'm glad I will get to do some "blogging"! I hope I don't break a claw!! Can't wait to tell you all about my stories!

-Princess Prada

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I must be crazy.

Why? Because I'm watching Marley & Me. Enough said.

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that Prada should be coming home soon! According to the breeder, all the kittens are litter trained now and eating on their own!! (The two biggest things!) I'm also happy to announce that I think Princess Prada has outgrown her "gremlin-look" stage. haha.. Check it out for yourself. She's some gorgeous!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Here at Rainbow Bridge...

Dear Mom,

I know you are missing me very much, and I miss you too. Please don't cry because in a way we are still together. I am not in the same form, and though we can not physically cuddle or see each other, I am still with you in spirit and ashes. I know I was your biggest supporter during your university career through the good times and bad, and I am sorry I couldn't be with you until the end. I tried hard to hide my pain and suffering, but I was too ill. I didn't want to let go because I didn't want to break your heart, but you set me free, Mom. You are my brave girl, and you acted in my best interest. You performed the final and biggest act of love toward me. Know that when you come home your last day of your internship next week, when you receive your degrees at your convocations and celebrate afterward, I will be there to celebrate with you and cheer you on. I have always been proud of you and always will. Don't ever feel guilty for offering me a little less attention. I know how much you adored me and how important it is to focus on work.

I hope it is of some comfort to you to know that my health and youth have been restored to me. I feel exactly as I did in my best years. I am having a great time playing around here with our birds, fish, Stepbrother Toby, Cousin Eddie and Cousin Bailey. I also finally met Byron rat (as you always wanted me to), and he is so much fun. We're good buddies now, as are the other angel members of the rattie crew. Mom, you should see this place. It's unbelievable! Someday, I will take your hand in my paw and lead you here.

My new little sister Prada is so sweet. As you know, I was there to help you pick her out. She will bring you so much happiness as I have. She will love you as I did. You will share many happy years together as we did. She deserves all that you can provide for her. I want her to experience the life I did with you, Mom. She is a special little girl, as I was your special little guy. Please keep in mind that you are not replacing me in any way. I know how much I meant to you and always will.

Mom, thank you for setting me free. I know how hard it was for you and continues to be, but remember that memories are forever. One day, we will all be reunited and resume our life together. Just know that our separation is only temporary. Stay strong and you can call on me anytime you need me. I'll be there.

Love always, your special little guy,

Mr. Fluffy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let the kitten proofing begin!

...which could be extremely difficult in an apartment my size! I have wayyyy too much stuff to fit in a one-bedroom apartment. Anyway, it is time to start kitten proofing because I was extremely excited to hear that my kitten could be ready to come home in as early as 2 weeks!! What perfect timing, as I will be finishing up my internship by that time. Plus, Prada is a graduation gift from my mom, so it works out perfectly. :)

Anyway, I went to visit her today and she sure is growing quickly! I don't know if she will always be vocal, but she sure was vocal today!!

On my way home, I stopped at a small pet store (which doesn't sell animals, just supplies), and bought her a few little toys. (My little pedigree isn't even home yet, and she is already spoiled rotten!) :)

Ok, so my little girl looks like a gremlin right now. Who says gremlins aren't cute! hee hee...

Bonding time..

Monday, April 5, 2010

One of those nights...

Tonight is hard. I cried for the first time in about 2 weeks (which makes me realize that although we think we're over something or someone, we really aren't.) I'm feeling angry that he was taken away from me. He was my everything, he was all I had, and now I'm all alone. He was taken away at one of the worst possible times - when my academic career is coming to a halt and the uncertainties and anxieties begin. What did I do to deserve having my baby taken away from me??

Today, I cleared his eating area and put everything away. It's so empty now. Perhaps I acted too quickly on this. I also dug out some of his pictures from happier and younger days. Tonight was the last night for burning his candle (until the 1 year anniversary). And now the "magic" is gone.

It is all too clear now that my little boy is not coming back. He is gone forever. And now it is time for me to go to sleep in my empty bed.



Last little video of my little man...

I have some videos of Mr. Fluffy from when he was a kitten, but they are in VHS format at my mom's house. I will try my best to upload them to my pc and post them on here. They are priceless!

I miss my special little guy more than words can say. Tonight is extra special as it is the last night I will be burning his candle (Night 16).

You are welcome to save this video of him.

"Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did" -Elton John

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy birthday to my little Easter Bunny..

Baby Prada will be 1 month old on Tuesday! Unfortunately, I haven't visited her in a while because I've been sick for a week. I started off with strep throat and am finishing with a grand finale of a terrible sinus infection and cold. I have had a fever for the entire week, and just as I started gaining energy again, I'm back to short of being a potato again. I even had to cut my visit short with a friend from my hometown and cancel Easter supper at my friend's tonight. What a saint she is though, my sweetheart friend will be deliverying Easter supper for me at home even if she lives a little ways from my place!! I could not ask for a better friend.

Hopefully this is the last of the worst and I will be able to go visit my little birthday girl sometime this week! I'm starting to miss her! They are starting to be litter trained, and they have some soft toys to play with now. They are so clever!

Here are the last two remaining kittens of the combined litter of 7. They are so adorable, and I am confident that they will not have trouble finding good homes.