Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bittersweet goodbyes...


Yesterday and today were my university convocations (two degrees). Although I couldn't have asked for a better graduation, celebration and more to come this weekend, I can't help but feel an incredible sadness and emptiness now. Although I haven't actually had any classes in a few months, I am starting to feel very sad about leaving my beloved university. It is all I knew for 5 years and I fell in love with the campus the moment I stepped foot on it. I have grown SO much from this unique experience (except financially of course. I'm in ruins when it comes to that). Really though, it has been an amazing ride (even the "not so good" times). I loved coursework, I loved experiencing endless success, my professors, my courses, my classmates, the physical campus (except the hills), everything! And now it's all over. I hate the unknown and it really does seem like everything I love and hold close to me always ends up disappearing. I guess it will take some adjusting. And like Nelly Furtado says: "All goods things come to an end".

I'm really hoping to go back for my Masters after a couple years of teaching full time and perhaps eventually earn my PhD and become a professor/researcher. I guess time will tell.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

*Squeals in excitement*


I finished teaching my preschoolers last Tuesday, and their moms gave me a nice card and gift card for one of my favourite stores - Chapters (a bookstore). Anyway, Ellen Degeneres is my biggest celebrity idol and crush (hey, even my straightest friend has a crush on this woman!) Seriously though, her hair makes me go gaga (loooooove pixie dos on the right person!), she's the perfect balance between femme and butch, AND her dry sense of humour is to die for!! Anyway, I LOVE her show and didn't think it was out on DVD, but much to my surprise, it is!!! Guess what I used my gift card for...

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Well, I'm back from my first little vacation away, and I did awesome!! I was very content meeting everyone and especially having so much room to run and play! I quickly discovered that they even have stairs, and boy did I ever enjoy going up them! I got so much attention while I was there, and played lots. We even went for a walk twice in my stroller. I really don't mind it and actually slept most of the time. I also sleep in the car for the most part. Mom's really trying to get me used to all this stuff while I'm so young. Unfortunately, Mr. Fluffy didn't have the same opportunity which is why he HATED the car! He always used to pant and practically hyperventilate when he was younger. It was only in his senior/geriatric years that he started sleeping, but it doesn't mean he enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, I'm also not scared of letting people know what I like and don't like. I hiss! Cousin Justin was playing with me today which was fine, but at one point, I was trying to eat my afternoon lunch and he was still trying to play with me. I was annoyed, so I hissed at him. Also, Grandma's neighbour was over to meet me and fell in love with me. She wanted to see how her dog would react with a cat/kitten because she really wants one, so she brought him over. Anyway, the dog was fine, I wasn't. You guessed it! I hissed at Chevy SEVERAL times actually!!

Anyway, I'm back home now and there is a lot of peace and quiet for sure! Tuesday, I have to get my first vaccines done. I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Obedience training" and first weekend at Grandma's!

This weekend, Mom and I are going to Grandma's for Mother's Day! It will be my first time away from home. Mom's a little nervous because for one thing, the house is HUGE! Second of all, I am a little door greeter and as soon as I hear a key in the door, I'm out the door!! We live in an apartment so it isn't really a problem here, but it could be a problem there for some reason. Something about me flying out the door and never seeing me again which wasn't a problem for Mr. Fluffy I guess. So that being said, Mom says there are a few details to work out before we go. Oh yeah, did I mention that I also figured out how to climb/jump over my baby gate? Mom isn't happy.

As for "obedience training", Mom is starting to put her foot down now when it comes to biting and scratching her hands and feet. She says I'm now old enough to hear the word "no!" and be rewarded for cuddle time (as short as it is, especially for young kittens like myself). Of course when I bite and scratch, it is in a playful way and doesn't hurt, but Mom thinks it could turn into a bad habit when I'm older and be a lot more unacceptable. Of course I'm still allowed to be playful, but just with toys. I guess hands and feet aren't toys.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm now using a "big girl" litterbox! I'm such a tiny kitten, but I didn't like my baby box. Since I haven't been using it, Mom decided to take it out of the way. She is also happy that she no longer has to have a litterbox in the livingroom!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Devil IS Prada..

Lately, Mom has been calling me things like "rambunctious" and "mischievous". I'm a very curious kitten and love getting into everything no matter how dangerous things look! My carpet house was just put up a couple days ago and is already showing signs of wear. It's not my fault I have so much energy to burn! Mom's always telling me "be nice!" One time she even added "be nice or Auntie Linda won't want to catsit you!" If only she would realize that I'm just a little kitten trying to have a bit of fun and explore the world around me. It doesn't help that I'm teething too. I just want to chew everything. She also wishes I were a little more "ladylike". Apparently leaning over to wash your bum in the middle of the room isn't very um... "ladylike".

Yesterday, Mom gave me a bath. She thought I smelled so pretty and I was all silky and smooth. I actually did really well in the sink and didn't meow once! Doesn't mean I didn't try to get out though!! And sure doesn't mean I enjoyed it!!

Today, Mom's special friend came to visit me again, and she just thinks I'm so adorable! She is scared of cats though because we make her nervous. She's much more of a dog person. BUT, she still held me and played with me.

As for mom, she has been sick a LOT lately. She said it's probably the worst part about being a teacher - always being sick!! (At least for the first couple years). She started a cold yesterday and now it's a full blown nasty head cold. Mom's friend brought her some homemade broth which made her feel better. Mom thinks she's a sweetheart because she's very selfless and would do anything for her.

Spending the extra time together this weekend was awesome for both Mom and me! Back to work tomorrow though for her. :(