Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

I doubt I'll have the chance to write again before Christmas since India, Mom, and I are leaving for Grandma's on Monday afternoon (as long as the weather is ok). We are all very anxious to enjoy some peace & quiet at Grandma's house and get away from our annoying downstairs neighbours. Mom will especially need the rest because things will be very hectic and challenging for her when we return in January!

All that to say...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! From: Mr. Fluffy, India the fish, and Mom Monique

Monday, December 7, 2009

The interesting adventures of... Mom???

First of all, I forgot to post a pic of our finished gingerbread house. You will notice that the side windows are not done. Explanation: Mom didn't make the hole in the frosting pouch big enough (note: Mom places the blame on the cheaply made pouch), so at one point when Mom was squeezing the pouch, it literally exploded in her hands! What a mess. But, it made for a good laugh (moreso on my behalf).

Mom adventure #2: She FINALLY decided to clean out her freezer (sort of..) Anyway, last summer, Mom froze a bunch of baggies with strawberries and others with bananas that she planned to use for fruit smoothies. As she was "discovering" these baggies, she got a craving and decided to make herself a banana smoothie. Only..... once she started drinking her smoothie, it had an awful taste. No bananas. It turns out that mom actually made a scallop smoothie. That's right: The frozen bag of "bananas" was actually frozen scallops. Needless to say, that ended up in the garbage. Even I didn't want to put my paw on that!

Our fish India has adjusted to his new home. He is happy.
In other news, Mom's Christmas Bird Count is quickly coming up, and she's very excited about it. Last year, she and three other ladies decided to drive around the city, but that wasn't particularly her idea of fun. This year, she is trying to head out to the country with another group so she can enjoy the scenery and more interesting birds. Better than dumpsters and Gulls! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's a gingerbread house!

...and I helped!

Here I am inspecting it....

...for a nice place to lick!!! Yup, it's Fluffy approved.