Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mom! Pleeeeaaaaase turn down the HEAT!!!!!

It has been scorching hot lately!!! I keep trying to hint to Mom to turn down the heat, but she seems to keep putting it UP!!! Of course she tells me she has no control over it, but I don't believe that. After all, in the winter she's always messing around with that thing called "thermostat"!! Luckily, we have fans all over our apartment to help keep me cool, but it's not working very well.

To make matters worse, Mom's gone all day now to a place called "work", so she can't "monitor" me as much as she would like, but I understand it's not her fault. After all, she says she has to go to "work" so she can put crunchies in my bowl, and buy me treats of course. I would NEVER want to run out of either!!! ESPECIALLY my treats!!

She has been staying home on the weekends though, so that makes me really happy. Auntie Linda even came to see me, even if Mom wasn't away!!! How fun!

Anyway, Mom took a couple of pics of me while she was home this morning, so thought I'd post them. They are of me with some water by my side. Just shows how hot this place is!!


Rattie said...

Ahhhhhh, poor poor Mr. Fluffy!! Maybe if it's still hot next week, Auntie should make some of her frozen smoothie for you - the rats loved it!

Mr. Fluffy said...

Mmmm, that would be GOOD!!!! And it even has my mom's approval on it!!! Bonus! :D