Monday, April 7, 2008

New kitty profile!!

Good morning everyone!

I have created a new profile on an online kitty site called "catchannel". It is affiliated with a magazine in which Mom used to subscribe to when she was a child called "Cat Fancy". Now that she has a kitty of her own (ME!!), she wanted to flaunt me to the world. There is also a contest going on to have pictures of kitties in a calendar, and Mom will be submitting some of me. If you have any votes on pictures, let me or Mom know!!!

Anyway, I WILL be continuing to post pics & updates on this site, but in case you are interested, you can also visit me at

Oh yes, and PLEASE vote for my page so I can become the "cat of the day"!!!

-Mr. Fluffy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You will win for "Fattest Cat" - no doubt about that. ;-)

(From You-Know-Who...LMAO)