Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mom says I have more luck in love than she does! I quote her: "How sad is that!"

Guess what!! I have a girlfriend (in spirit). Her name is Miss Fluffy. She came by this morning to check out my profile and this is what she wrote:

"Well Hello MR FluffyWhats up Fluffy. Just thought I would stop by and say hello. And to tell you my mommy said you are purrrrfeect..And to tell you my name is Fluffy also.So here is a vote for a fellow Fluffy. Stop by and visit me anytime your new girlfriend Fluffy"

She lives in Hamilton, Ohio!!! Isn't she CUTE??? And get this, she's only a year younger than me! (PS. I think Mom's a little jealous that I have a partner now, and she doesn't!)


Anonymous said...

Well, at least the other Fluffy is thinner than you Mr. Fluffy. Now doesn't that want to make you go on a diet and lose weight??

- Luv, Mean Auntie J-J

Rattie said...

She's a real cutie!!