Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mom's away. If she's not working, she's away.

Well, Mom has a week to herself before university starts again, so she decided to go spend some time at grandma's. She was going to bring me along, but I'm really not a fan of the car (even if I did great last time, Mom could still tell it wasn't up my alley). Being a senior citizen, Mom wants to avoid as much stress for me as she can (which I appreciate!) My favourite Auntie ever is around though, so she is taking care of me while Mom's away. I have been VERY VERY affectionate lately, and I looked sad when she left, so Mom feels extra bad for leaving me. She's hoping I will share my love & affection to Auntie L. though. Mom already misses me though, so she may come home a day or two before she anticipated. >^v^<

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