Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A very sad day...

Mom was very upset this evening to hear about 8 adorable pups that were abandoned this morning in a park near our home (see pic below). They were left in a plastic container out in the cold. Thankfully, they were found by two high school students and were brought to the animal shelter. The doggies are doing fine, and Mom is very thankful, but still so upset over the ordeal. I should add that it is extremely cold here (around -31C with wind chill). We are both keeping our fingers and paws crossed that these puppies will go to very loving homes.

I am such a lucky kitty. I don't know what it means to be hungry, cold, without toys, to be abandoned, abused, or unloved.

Mom has many reasons why she doesn't want to bring a human child into this world. One being that we live in too much of a cruel society.

The gorgeous pups...


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