Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nothing like a good snuggle with the...

.........Hole punch of course!!!!

Yup, sleeping behind Mom's laptop is a new favourite now. Especially when she's doing work. Could this be a sign of lack of attention??? She's still trying to figure out how I manage to sleep there with all the junk back there. Cats are good at keeping secrets!


Anonymous said...

well its warm and you havy plenty of floof! I expect its very nice being near your Mum like that.
There is a saying among Mums here in the UK "If the second one had been the first there wouldnt have been a second one!"
Hope you get it, but whats true for kids is true for pets too!
We have some nice pet gifts already, none for the people yet..and as you will see on my blog Tinkerbelle loves our tree!

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Hehe, Mom and I like the saying! So true! Glad you have some nice pet gifts!! Did you get to open them yet? Mom won't let me open my gifts until Christmas! And of course, Santa Paws will be visiting me, or so I hear. ;)

We're off to visit your blog now!