Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comfort and joy

Nah, I'm not comfy or spoiled. Mom says it's an improvement from sleeping with the hole punch or stapler. :)

Today was Mom's Christmas bird count. She brought home the traditional bird cookie again this year. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uhhhhhh, not so sure....

"One thing that separates the Himalayan different from the various other cat breeds is that the Himalayans will not jump all over the house in a hyperactive manner. Himalayan cats have a tendency to be a lot calmer. They enjoy living in households which are equally calm. You could sit down in your home with a Himalayan in residence and be sure that your cat will be jumping on your lap in a relatively quick manner. These are cats that LOVE people and they assume all people will reciprocate the love as well."


I am still convinced Prada is either a gremlin or a squirrel with attitude. As much as I love her entertaining stunts, I do wish she was nicer to our friends, guests, and cat sitter. *sigh* And she wonders why we have none!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Times are changing, and unfortunately I sense that books are becoming a thing of the past.


I'm not much older than my students in the sense that I am not old enough to be their mother. More like a much older sister (who acts like a mom by continuously reminding them to push in their chairs or that wrappers belong in the garbage and not in the little space under their desks). But, there is such a discrepancy in our generations. Books are our major discrepancy. Books. What is a book?

I absolutely LOVE to read, and I would do so much more of it if I had the time. There's just something about holding a book in your hands and flipping through it. It's nice to see that a lot of my students love reading too, but in a different sense. It's more like... starring at a screen. A lot of them have these eBook thingies, and really, what is the fun in that??? I guess the fact that I have to confiscate at least one cell phone per day (because I caught them texting in class) is an indication of where we are headed. That practice was unheard of when I was in high school.

I have a feeling that libraries will be obsolete in a few years. Why? Here is a conversation I had with my students yesterday:

Me: Ok, don't forget that we will be going to the library on Friday, so you can work on your projects.

Student: Why aren't we going to the computer lab?

Me: Because you may find some valuable information in books.

Student: Books??? It's so much faster to get it from the net.

Me: Not everything is on the net. There are some great books on this topic!

Student: But the internet has everything you're looking for. You have to LOOK for books, and it takes too much time. Besides, they're usually outdated.

Me: Books are not a waste of time, and history is never outdated. How many of you actually go to the library to pick out some books? *2 hands raised*

Student: We can use the computers at the library, right?

Me: Yes...

Need I say more?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part 2 of lost attention!

Good evening readers,

Well, this weekend, it was Mom's turn to go to Grandma's, and I stayed home by myself. It wasn't so bad, but I was VERY happy when Mom returned. She feels bad that she left me home, but said that in a couple weeks, we'll be going for the holidays, so I'll get to spend LOTS of time playing with Maya and my new toys! I can't wait. Mom is anxious too because she says she is due f
or a little vacation. She says as much as she loves her work and her students, working with 110 teenagers is very hectic, even at the best of times. Especially since it is her first year. The students are also very much in need of a break at this point. Next weekend is Grandma's birthday, but we won't be going down, since it is the weekend of the Christmas bird count. Mom is very anxious for it. Besides, Grandma's friends are throwing her a big wine & cheese party since it will be her 65th birthday! Anyway, here are some more pictures of kisses and lack of attention. ;)


Mom, what's more important? Me or Facebook???

Looking pretty in jingle bells!

Not sure if she remembers this, but Auntie Linda got this cute collar for Mr. Fluffy shortly after Christmas last year. The other day, Mom was going through all his clothes, costumes and bandanas and came across this collar. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to wear it. It made Mom a little sad to come across it because Mr. Fluffy is not with us this Christmas. It is of some consolation to watch me with it on because I'm so silly running around trying to chase it! Here I am taking a break with the stapler after running around for a good 15 minutes!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nothing like a good snuggle with the...

.........Hole punch of course!!!!

Yup, sleeping behind Mom's laptop is a new favourite now. Especially when she's doing work. Could this be a sign of lack of attention??? She's still trying to figure out how I manage to sleep there with all the junk back there. Cats are good at keeping secrets!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

To grandmother's house I go...

Hello everyone!

Guess what, I am spending time at Grandma's house right now! Mom had a LOT of stuff going on this week, and wouldn't have been able to give me much attention, so she left me at Grandma's last weekend when we were down, and she's picking me up again this weekend. I can't wait to see her tomorrow. I am, however, having a great time playing with Maya (aka. my bestest buddy!)

Next week is my Auntie J's birthday, so Mom and friends are having their annual fondue (in her honour) this weekend.

On another animal related note, a student of Mom's had to have her beloved 14-year old dog put to sleep last night, and she was taking it very hard. Mom asked her if she was ok to stay at school today, and had a hard time watching her cry in class. She had a hard time not trying to break down herself. :S She loved her dog very much and because she knows that Mom is an animal nut too, it was often that she would talk to Mom about her dog. About a week ago, her student told her that the dog had gone for surgery and stopped eating. This reminded Mom so much of when Fluffy went for surgery and didn't make it. It's times like this that makes it difficult to be a teacher and have to maintain your composure. What a terrible time of year for this to happen. :( Of course, Mom's thoughts are with her student right now.

On a happier note, Mom picked up my photo at the SPCA after work today! She is disatisfied with it, but at least it went toward a good cause.