Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ok... where is mom?!?!!!?!!?

Ok. I am NOT impressed right now, and I am sure letting my "auntie" know about it!!! Mom's gone away at home for a few days for this thing called "Mother's Day", and her friend is taking care of me while she's gone. Of course, I'm also meowing because Auntie gives me treats, brushes me, and gives me lots of lovin', so that makes for a LOT of meowing, doesn't it now. I will be glad when mommy gets home though, because I sense she misses me a whole lot, and I miss hearing her grunt and groan when I take over the bed and dig through the wastebaskets.

Now I end with a pic me and mommy love! It's of her cousin kissing her kitty. My mommy gives me plenty of kisses. Sometimes I even run away because she goes overboard and doesn't understand I need to breathe!!

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Rattie said...

We know how you feel Mr. Fluffy! Mum abandoned us on Sunday and only came home Monday morning - the nerve!

Raven, Luna, Byron, and Oliver