Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A show of disappointment, Part 2

Not only did I show mom I wasn't impressed that she left me for so long when she got back, I also figured I'd show her when she was trying to sleep!!! I did so by sitting at her bedside meowing at her until she'd get up and look at me, then I'd just stare and purr at her, so she'd pat my head and go back to sleep. Of course that wasn't enough, so I decided to knock over her wastebasket and dig through it. Well now THAT caught her attention pretty fast! She'd put it back, then I would just stare and purr at her. She knows this is my way of getting back to her for leaving me!!! Mom's been calling me her little gremlin all day.. I just call it pay back time!

PS: Raven, Luna, Byron, and Oliver, you should be taking notes! :P


Rattie said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! Priceless.

Mr. Fluffy said...

Lol!!! I thought you'd like that..