Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I shocked Mommy today!! hee hee..

Mom's been spending a lot of time at Auntie Linda's lately when she's not working. She told me she has to "rattiesit" like when auntie takes care of me when Mom's away, since Auntie Linda's away right now.

Because Mom's been giving OTHER creatures attention, I feel like I'm lacking some attention right now (because after all, I should be getting ALL Mom's attention!!), so while Mom was in the shower this morning, I decided to walk right on in and lay by the bathtub!! I have NEVER done this before in all 13 years I've been around, but Mom thought it was incredibly funny! Soooo, she picked me up and gave me some kisses and cuddles (like she always does when I do something new and cute). Now THERE'S the attention I was looking for!!!

Sorry there are no pictures, Mom says she was NOT about to take pics of this funny little moment. Don't know why! ;)


Rattie said...

What no pictures?! **sniff** Well, Auntie Linda enjoys cat-sitting Mr. Fluffy - all those "chats" we have plus all those kisses!

Mr. Fluffy said...

I know, I wanted to take pictures, but Mom said something about not wanting pics of her in just a towel on a public "blog"?? *shrugs*