Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That's what you get Mom!!!

I'm a little upset with Mom these past couple nights because she kicked me in her sleep the other night, so I decided to stop cuddling with her until she can prove to me that she will no longer "abuse" me the way she did! I decided that I want to cuddle with my little toy mouse instead, and now she's upset with ME because she's feeling a lack of affection!! Well Mom, can you blame me?? Now to top it off, she's even putting the blame on me for "taking up 1/2 the bed every night!", YET she feels neglected when I'm not cuddled right at her feet?? I don't get it. I think she's jealous of my mouse if you ask me!! ;) Either way, I appreciate her apologies and kisses, but I STILL demand my space from her for a while. She needs to suck it up!

1 comment:

Rattie said...

The nerve of mom! We rats also resent mom for not letting us sleep with her - humans!