Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heat & humidity does NOT sit well with me!

All this humidity is making me feel a little queezy. I felt like I was going to be sick yesterday, and I've been laying around the apartment more than usual, so Mom can tell I'm not feeling 100%. She says it's nothing new for me during this time of the year. Mom's been good by keeping fans on in all rooms, and she has been offering me water "by hand" so she can make sure I get the water I need in me. Because I think food is more important than water of course!! Hope this humidity goes away soon!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More pics!

Mom took some pics of me in my pyjamas the other night, as well as a few pics of Auntie Linda's little ratties! Although, she soon discovered that rats are not the easiest little critters to pose - especially in comparison to me. haha..

Also, I decided that my cat spa is a cool place to hang after all!!! Auntie Linda and Mom witnessed me playing with it last night, and Mom caught me in the act again today, so now she's happy she bought it for me after all. And I'm a happy boy for being able to brush myself when Mom or Auntie aren't around to do it for me!!

Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I AM the king!!!

....And I have the pictures to prove it! :)

Mom came home and brought me all kinds of goodies!! She brought me my clothes (pyjamas, king outfit, Santa outfit, reindeer antlers, etc.), some toys, AND my cat spa!!! Mom bought my cat spa a few years back for Xmas, but because she told me she paid a LOT for it, I decided that I wanted NOTHING to do with it. Much to Mom's amusement last night, she poured catnip in the brushes, and I decided to enjoy it after all!!! She was so happy because she thought I would start using it on a regular basis, but once again, I decided that I wanted nothing to do with it today. Doesn't she realize that I get sick of toys fast?? Who wants to play when you can do FUN things like sleep and eat!!! Mom will just have to accept that she paid close to $40 for a big chunk of plastic for nothing!! She should have known better and just spent that kind of money on things like TREATS!!!

Anyway, while mom was away this weekend, the best cat-sitter in the whole world (Auntie Linda) came to take care of me, fed me, and gave me lots and lots of kisses and body massages!!! She told Mom that I was chatty with her, but she didn't know what I was trying to say. I was telling her kitty stories of course!! Mom's back now, but Auntie Linda went on a canoeing trip, so Mom's taking care of her little ratties for a few days! Mom just loves them to pieces, even if I'm not so sure I do...

Anyway, enough chat, bring on the KING!!!!! (and a couple of pics of me actually using my cat spa!!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cousin Bailey!!

Good news!!! Mom found the cord! And she said it was pretty much staring her right in the eyes. Poor Mom, I worry about her sometimes! Anyway, she had to doggy sit for my aunt & uncle last weekend, so she decided to take a couple pics of cousin Bailey! (He's a Labrador Retriever). I don't like him much, just because he likes to sniff, and it scares me... naturally. The last pic is of our family, and Bailey's daddy is standing near the end, next to Mommy!

Friday, June 1, 2007

International Cat Day!!

Happy International Cat Day to ME!!! And all other kitties out there of course! Mom gave me a good brushing earlier and lots of hugs on behalf of herself and other people who love me! She's leaving to go home shortly, so I'm now napping comfortably under the couch (my new fave place to snooze!) Yes.. I frequently switch fave spots. I'm funny like that.