Friday, October 17, 2008

Camping out..

Guess what! I received a surprise visit from gramma and step-grandpa on Wednesday night!! They were leaving for the U.S. yesterday morning, so they figured it would save time to drive from here. Mom kept it as a surprise (although she only found out they were coming that day.) Mom and I got to camp out in the livingroom on our air mattress! Keep in mind that it is only a single, and Mom and I both managed to share it. It was my first experience sleeping on one of those! It was squishy when I tried walking around on it.

Mom is staying in the city this weekend, so that means lots of quality time with her. She is going on an outing on Sunday along a coastline though. Wish I could go too, but Mom thinks I might scare away all the birds. I'm not so sure about that....

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