Sunday, December 14, 2008

Annual Xmas Bird Count!

Well, Mom took part on her very first "Xmas Bird Count" through our local nature club where different groups go around and count birds (sounds logical!), and she really enjoyed it! She and her nature buff friend were supposed to do it in the country where she lives (to find more interesting birds), but her friend's dad (the pro) is feeling under the weather, so they had to join another group. They ended up going around the city (much to Mom's friend's dismay), but they had fun nonetheless. Mom said that it
was warmer in the car anyway. MOL.. They found LOTS of Pidgeons of course, some Crows, Hawks, Gulls, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, Starlings, Song Sparrows, and a Purple Finch (probably the most interesting find, MOL)!!

They took a lunch break at one of the ladies' houses (who has a white cat!!!) Mom said she was much, MUCH, MUCH!!!! Smaller than me though. But very friendly! Apparently she wasn't very interested in my scent though! Weird.. Mom accidently sat on the cat's favourite chair & her friend freaked telling Mom that she was going to be full of fur. Anyway, of course Mom just laughed and told the lady that she is used to having my fur all over her. MOL.. They had gouda cheese, french baguette, and smoked salmon (mmmm)!! Oh yes, and some chocolate & banana bread. Mom certainly doesn't eat stuff like that everyday! MOL! But they're "well established" university professors, so they have the means. MOL..

Anyway, Mom had a great time and was glad that she decided to go (despite her exam tomorrow evening).

Mmmmm, birding cookie.... (from the potluck)

Fluffy, Ph.D. being studious. (I think I studied more than Mom has been!)

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