Friday, December 19, 2008

Mom's brief morning of birding


"I decided to venture out into the -15C (-25 w/windchill) this morning to attempt to do a bit of birding. I didn't go out too far, only along the small wooded area next to my mom's place and a bit further. Anyway, I didn't see anything going out, but I had a bit of fun coming back. I saw one Chickadee near the path. Then while I was going across the wooded area next to my mom's place, I heard some Chickadee chatter, so I did my little call (for the first time, lol), and next thing you know, I had about 6 Chickadees coming around!!! Even if I didn't find anything exotic, it made my morning, just the fact that I managed to attract some birds. :) When I looked up, I also noticed a nest very high up in the tree, but I'm not sure who it belongs to... (I'm very much a novice at this!!) I might try to go out later with some sunflower seeds and try to attract one to my hand."
Pathway by my mom's

Black Capped Chickadee!!


Someone's nest.. hehe


meemsnyc said...

Ooooh chicadees! How cute!

Mr. Fluffy said...

I know!! They're so fun and adorable little critters! :)