Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ah ha!!!

Mom found this in an article on my other blogging site! There's a reason why Mom has a hard time getting me to exercise! Blame it on the genes baby! We Persians just don't DO exercise!

"Breeds that are very active, such as Abyssinians, won't ever become calm lap kitties, and breeds that are laid back, such as Persians will never become play monsters. Activity levels are characteristics that can't be changed"
Ref: Adopt a Pedigreed Cat: Breed rescue combines love of pedigreeds with compassion for homeless cats. By
Kari Winters


meemsnyc said...

We exercise by chasing each other back and forth throughout the apartment. Especially at 3am. Try that, and I'm sure they won't tell you to exercise again. Purrs!

Jake said...

Love your blog- would love to have your beautiful baby in our online community space dedicated to Persians.

Jake Jacob said...

opps sorry didn't make it easy
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