Saturday, February 14, 2009

My love...

Unlike Mom, I am not bitter about Valentine's Day. I will be taking out my girlcat Ms. Fluffy tonight for a date! (pretend of course.. she lives very very far away in Ohio!) Here she is. Isn't she cute?? And here is the message she sent me..

Happy Valentines Day my Love. You are the best.. I am sitting here waiting on you to pick me up for our date.I am so happy we are going to go out.O ya Yes I will be your Valentine. WILL YOU BE MINE?i JUST NO WHAT i AM GOING TO WEAR. Mommy got me a pretty pink dress the other day. So I will be dressed in pink. I hope you like my new dress.Well my love I am going to finish getting dressed. I love you baby. Kitty Kisses and all my love sent to you. See you after while. here is a vote for you filled with all my love. Your little Fluff ball Fluffy>"<

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