Saturday, April 4, 2009

A day in the life of Mr. Fluffy

7am: Wake Mom to feed me my breakfast consisting of wet food (maybe. If I feel like it.)

7:05am: Eat Course 1 of breakfast

7:15am: Drink water from the bathroom water dish.

7:17am: Pee, poop, track litter on the carpet for Mom to clean up.

7:22 am: Sleep

8am: Eat Course 2 of breakfast

8:10am: Sleep

12pm: Lunch #1

12:10pm: Sleep

2pm: Lunch #2

2:05pm: Drink water

2:10pm: Sleep

5:30pm: Supper #1

5:40pm: Sleep

7pm: Supper #2

7:10pm: Sleep

8pm: Cuddles with Mom

8:10pm: Snack (TREATS!!!!)

8:15pm: Sleep

10pm: Late night snack

10:10pm: Sleep

12:30am: Bedtime routine with Mom (if I feel like it.)

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