Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

Mom and I can't believe it's already April. That means lots of things. For instance, in a year from now, she will be done her studies (Well, her two undergrad degrees. Graduate studies are yet to be determined aka. if she wins the lottery someday).

Anyway, last weekend was fun. Mom got to rattie-sit and finally got to meet Auntie's little baby girls!! I got to see pictures. They're so cute!! It was a short visit with them, but Mom had fun with them as always. Of course, I enjoyed some time with her too. She was sick with the flu over the weekend, so there was lots of couch time with her.
Cuddling with Momma!

Baby Coco!

Baby Chloe!

Ummm, this is either Coco or Raven. MOL..

I think this is Raven. She on Mom's shoulder the whole time Mom cleaned the babies' cage! Mom says she helped. MOL...

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