Friday, October 2, 2009

In need of a "Kitty Penningtons"

Well, Mom saw the CUTEST Halloween costumes for animals at Walmart today. She decided to get me a Witch costume (size MEDIUM for DOGS!) Well guess what... it DOESN'T FIT!!! And that was the largest size they have, so she'll have to take it back tomorrow morning. Gee, too bad for that (sense my sarcasm?) Mom says they should come up with a "Kitty Penningtons" store because nothing ever fits me (not even stuff that is made for dogs). It annoys Mom because she even has a hard time finding clothes that fit Auntie's doggie!! Not everyone has a Chihuahua or a Teacup Poodle! And let's face it... I'm not THAT big!


Anonymous said...

we have been looking at costumes too! trying to get one in Tinkerbelles size!

The Rattie Crew said...

Well, you are big-bones, heh heh heh