Friday, October 23, 2009


Mom FINALLY bought a battery charger since she lost her other one. Here are some new pics.. New bandana and bday supper!!

...and Mom is still baffled..

Well, I'm STILL pooping in the so-called "inappropriate place".. aka. our bedroom. Mom is just as baffled as ever, so she decided it was time for a vet visit. They said it could be behavioural like as in hinting to Mom that I'm lacking attention or that I don't like my litter and that's how I'm showing it. Otherwise, I'm not sick, I don't have diarrhea (I know, gross...) so it was recommended that Mom switch my litter. Mom thinks that "might" make sense because sometimes the clumping stuff gets caught in my back paws and I don't like it. I used to have the non-clumping stuff before. Mom doesn't like it because it smells more, and it has to be changed more frequently. But, Mom has to realize that it's not about her.. it's all about ME! So Mom is going to give a good scrubbing to my litterbox and try the stuff I used to use. She also decided to buy some puppy training pads and placed one where I usually poop just in case I have more "accidents". At least it won't soil the carpet and I'm sure that would make the landlord a whole lot happier. Anyway, we'll see how that goes. I will keep you posted!! Of course Mom isn't scolding me for what I'm doing, which I appreciate. She knows it's not my fault...

During Mom's vet visit, OF COURSE she bought me a new bandana! HALLOWEEN THEMED!!! I will post pics as soon as Mom charges her camera batteries!

She is making a chicken in our slow cooker at the moment. It looks like it will be really yummy too! It's the first time she tries it this way. She promised me some chicken for my bday, and here it is!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm 15 years old now! Unfortunately, Mom doesn't know the exact day I was born, but she knows it is approximately at this time. She says I am around 75-77 years in human years. I am in my 3rd year as a geriatric kitty. Mom is finding it increasingly hard, but she is thankful for every day that I am with her. She gives me all the love she can, and I know I'm loved very much! As a bday treat, Mom promised some chicken sometime in the next few days. Mmmmmmm....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Change of plans...

Well, I guess Mom and I aren't going to Grandma's after all this weekend! Unfortunately Grandma has to work the entire weekend which is no surprise because she has always been a workaholic. We never even really spent any Christmases with her until she retired, sooo Mom was not surprised to hear this. ;) That's ok, Mom and I will get to spend the entire weekend together with lots of quiet time. :) I don't like the car anyway.

Auntie Linda was incredibly kind and generous to invite Mom over with her own family. Auntie has a doggie, so I don't think I want to go. MOL... Either way, Mom promised me turkey. I will get it somehow! She doesn't break her promises!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thanksgiving at Grandma's!

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that next weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada! That means Mom will be going to Grandma's, but guess what, she's taking me with her! She's going to bring my stroller too, so we'll be going for walks! (As long as the weather cooperates!) She says that Chevy (Grandma's neighbour's little dog) will probably come with us. I'm not sure how I feel about THAT. It's going to be a bit of a crazy long weekend because we're leaving right after Mom's dentist appointment on Thursday. Mom then has a conference on Friday in another city called 'Miramich' (which includes some canoing!) "Wooo hooooo!!!" says Mom. Then she has to drive back to Grandma's and she has a wedding to go to that night in yet another city, so it's going to be pretty hectic. Nonetheless, she's looking forward to it (especially the canoing!!) and Grandma can't wait to see me because it has been so long! And I can't wait for Grandma's TURKEY!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

In need of a "Kitty Penningtons"

Well, Mom saw the CUTEST Halloween costumes for animals at Walmart today. She decided to get me a Witch costume (size MEDIUM for DOGS!) Well guess what... it DOESN'T FIT!!! And that was the largest size they have, so she'll have to take it back tomorrow morning. Gee, too bad for that (sense my sarcasm?) Mom says they should come up with a "Kitty Penningtons" store because nothing ever fits me (not even stuff that is made for dogs). It annoys Mom because she even has a hard time finding clothes that fit Auntie's doggie!! Not everyone has a Chihuahua or a Teacup Poodle! And let's face it... I'm not THAT big!