Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vets suck!

Greetings all!

Sorry it has been so long since I've written. Our main computer is on the fritz (the hard drive is fried. A good chunk of money Mom certainly doesn't have at the moment!), so we're using the laptop. It isn't in the best shape either (probably full of Fluffy's fur and shuts down unexpectedly quite often.) Mom's also been very busy teaching lately and preparing for summer employment. Anyway, I am now 3 months old (a little over 12 weeks), and I am just as rambunctious as ever! I actually don't bite and scratch as much as I did though (mind you, her arms are still in an awful shape!). Mom has tried clapping her hands and saying "NO!", but I actually kind of enjoy it. Nothing like grinding her gears!! So now whenever I play too rough, she just ignores me and walks away. Now THAT, I don't like as much.

Because I'm now 3 months old, I had to go for my vaccine boosters and my rabies vaccine tonight. I HATED IT!! No m
ore Miss nice girl. I batted the vet twice and threw a hissy fit when he tried to take my temperature, so he scrapped that idea. GOOD! Seriously, who likes to be probed up the bum hole?? I did hate the vaccines though, but at least it wasn't as bad. I'm in great shape according to the vet. My bones are good, my muscles are developing nicely, I'm growing like a weed, etc.

Mom and I make a wonderful pair. We've really grown close already. I always run to the door when she comes home and I love to cuddle and purr like a tractor when she picks me up. We also have bad moods on occasion, so that works out well too. Hey, we're women!!

I guess my next vet visit w
ill be in about 3 months for my big spaying (or having my "tubes tied" as Mom calls it.) She would love to go for that operation, but the doctor won't do it. Hmmm, maybe my vet will do it for her! Oh yes, Mom also made a final decision.. I will not be getting declawed! Anyway, here are a few updated pics of me Mom took today. (She finally recharged her batteries!)

Well, these vaccines are making me sleepy. Time for a nap.

Princess Prada


meemsnyc said...

Princess Prada, you are so cute! Sorry you don't like your vet. We don't like visiting the vet either. Poo.

The Rattie Crew said...

You are some adorable even if you are a bit devilish!!