Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lots to talk about!

Let's start with Mom's news to get that out of the way. MOL! She is delighted to say that she has a teaching contract for the upcoming school year! It is actually very rare to land a full-time contract so soon after graduation, so this news is very special to her. So many people have to supply for many years beforehand. She is, however, a little nervous because she specializes in Elementary Education, and she will be teaching High School!! What a switch!! She is getting great advice which she certainly appreciates. She will be teaching French Language Arts to grades 9 & 10. She will really miss the homemade cards, drawings, pictures, hugs, and enthousiasm from the younger kids, but is still looking forward to working with teens. Two of her friends are very proud of her, and will be taking her out for a small celebration this week. She has amazing friends!!!

Now, in MY news, first of all, Grandma adopted a new kitty named Maya. She is a 3 year old Ragdoll cat. I think she's so cool and want to play with her all the time, but she wants nothing to do with me. :( She likes to hiss at me a lot. Mom has been trying to warn me to stay away because I am "stressing" her out, but I REALLY want to play!!! It makes me sad. Hopefully she will come around someday. She is so pretty!

I just got back yesterday from our little trip to Campobello Island. Initially, we were supposed to stay for 1 night, but ended up staying an extra night at our rented cottage! I had a great time running around the cottage. I got lots of fresh air, and I got to see our ferries, the beach by the cottage, and lots of nice scenery. For a little 4 month old kitten, I sure saw lots of stuff!! I travel so well too! I had no problem in the car and even didn't hesitate to use the litterbox on the floor (which Mom found very annoying to keep by her feet!) I ate lunches and drank water in the car, etc. I wasn't shy at all and didn't hide once.

Mom and I are still visiting at Grandma's, but we're leaving to go back tomorrow. Mom has LOTS to do this week.

Here are a few pics:
Maya, under the table. I am wanting to play.


Grandma and two of her sisters on the Adirondack chairs by our cottage. This was our view!!!
Absolutely breathtaking!

Our little cottage. I am in the picture too!

Another view from our cottage (a fisheries building which is for sale).

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Anonymous said...

ooh you lucky things, such good news and such a lovely holiday! Im sure Maya will come around one day Prada, but she needs to settle in to her new surroundings.