Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a short but beautiful summer!

Greetings all! It is I, the 5 1/2 month old Prada! Well, sadly summer is coming to an end, and we will be returning back home tomorrow. As you may recall, we came to stay with Grandma for the summer for Mom's summer job. She hated it from the very beginning, but she is done now.

Grandma got married on July 3oth in an outdoor wedding, and it turned out very well. The weather was great, and she was beautiful as always. Mom's cake didn't turn out as "professional" as she had hoped, but it was still ok. Eventually, she would love to take cake making lessons, but certainly not quite yet.

Maya and I still don't get along. Well, I try soooo hard to play with her, but she is not at all interested. I've had a few wacks in the face... Mom thinks I should get the point, but I am a very determined kitty!!! We currently also have Auntie's ratties here, and they are great fun to watch. Maya nor I hurt them - we just love to watch them at a distance. They're so entertaining!! What Mom likes most is that we don't fight when the rats are around. Isn't that funny!! Auntie will soon be coming to pick them up. We will all sure miss them!!!!!

Our move date has changed. Right now, it is October 1st. The townhouse is ours, but Mom is still looking at alternatives since it's a little too expensive for our price range. She has an appointment to see it on Wednesday.

In other news, Mom has scheduled my spaying for September 28th. I have NO idea what that is, but if it involves the vet, I'm not looking forward to it. I'll be almost 7 months old at that point, and one of Mom's biggest worries is that I will go into heat before that. She couldn't really get anything sooner with the vet Mom likes, so she's just crossing her fingers. She's also nervous because it's the same vet hospital she brought Fluffy when he was sick, and she wasn't impressed at all with his care and had to put him down right after. It isn't the same veterinarian who will be operating me though, and of course Mr. Fluffy was much older than me. She has a lot of faith in Dr. Hampton. He is the vet who euthanized Mr. Fluffy, and he is very gentil with me (well, except when he tries taking my temperature! I don't like THAT!!!)

Anyway, Mom and I are sort of looking forward to going back home (sort of...!) We'll miss gardening and sitting outdoors, but I'm sure the weather will soon change anyway. Besides, we're coming back on Thursday until Sunday (to check on Maya while Grandma's away, and to attend Mom's cousin's wedding.)

Well, we hope everyone had a great summer! Pics will be posted soon.


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