Friday, August 27, 2010

A few random facts about me...

Mom was wide awake at 3:30am because of worries and tummy issues, and I got up with her. It's now 5am, and she still can't fall asleep again, so we thought we would put together a few random facts about me (some of Mom). Here we go...

Thinking about getting another cat:

  1. Mom could not stand a catless house after sweet Mr. Fluffy went to Rainbow Bridge. After all, a cat is what makes a house a home. :)
  2. She wanted a female in order not feel that she was stepping on Fluffy's territory, and the love she had for him.
  3. She wanted to get a kitten from a recognized breeder in hopes of purchasing a show cat and a very healthy and tame kitten ("BAAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!!" says Mom.)
Choosing Prada (ME!):
  1. I come from Patricia Deschamps' "Simply Rose Himalayan" cattery. Mom had her heart set on a female Seal Point Himalayan. I'm very close, but my features are a little more rare. *See #2
  2. I am a Seal Point Tortie Himalayan with Lynx Coat Pattern.
  3. Mom didn't actually fall in love with me first when she met the litters. She actually fell for a pure white male Persian (EXACT same as Fluffy), but she just couldn't do it.
  4. Mom did think I was super adorable and chose me over everyone else.
  5. She did have a faint "bad" feeling about getting me which caused her some anxiety. For instance, I meowed a whole lot when Mom picked me up while the rest of the litter was very quiet about being picked up and held. Mom suspected I was VERY close to my feline mother.
  6. When the breeder said I was ready to go, Mom didn't feel I was. She was right. I was VERY nervous and stressed during my first visit home. I threw up, and Mom brought me back. I was very happy.
  7. When Mom did bring me home for good, I was still very nervous, but eventually came around. The breeder said that my feline mother was going nuts trying to find me. (Again, Mom was right. She knew Sparrow and I were very close, and I wasn't ready to leave the nest yet. She feels very sad about this. See #12)
  8. Mom felt that I was weaned too early and considered feeding "formula" from a bottle from the vet, but decided that since I was eating ok (despite my VERY picky early eating habits).
  9. Early eating habits: It took a while for Mom to discover how I liked my food. I wasn't ready for dry kibble yet, so Mom had to soak my kibble in water for about 10 mins, microwave for 20 secs, then stir and let cool. (Yes, you can imagine how time consuming preparing my meals was back then!) Luckily, it didn't take long for me to have a preference for dry kibble.
  10. I started off with Royal Canine Babycat 34, and am now eating Royal Canine Kitten 36. Still with a mixture of Iams kitten, but Mom is thinking of dropping the Iams after I am fully grown.
  11. I dislike canned food.
  12. Mom now feels as though purchasing a kitten from a breeder is like taking away a baby from her mother. She actually feels very guilty about this, and would adopt from a shelter for our next furbaby someday.
These are the Prada days:
  1. I am now 5 months and 3 weeks old, and have yet to be spayed. (My date is set to Sept. 28th).
  2. I have fully adjusted to life with Mom, although she feels I have some separation anxiety. I throw up from grooming so much when she is away for lengthy periods. This is a symptom of anxiety.
  3. I follow Mom everywhere like a little puppy and don't like her being out of sight for the most part. (Another symptom of anxiety).
  4. A lot of people think I am very mean and rambunctious, and not sweet at all.
  5. #4 is actually somewhat of a myth. I can be rambunctious, but I am a kitten. Mom thinks my reluctance for others to pet me is tied to my suspected anxiety.
  6. I love to purr when being held (by Mom), and I love to be held by her.
  7. I love to give kisses (licks). Especially on the face.
  8. Mom doesn't know where I sleep at night. At home, I sleep with her for short durations. When we're away, I sleep with her all night.
  9. I go CRAZY at grandma's. I'm actually a lot more mellow at home (believe it or not!)
  10. I love rats, but I hiss at dogs.
  11. My best friend in the world is Maya. Unfortunately, she feels differently.
  12. My coat markings are still developing. My tail appears oversized in comparison to the rest of my body.
  13. I have an absolutely gorgeous tail, and I LOVE to flaunt it!
  14. I get very affectionate and rub everywhere when I'm being fed.
  15. I have been in the car several times, and don't mind travelling. (I would rather be out in the car roaming around and causing accidents than being in my travelling bag though!)
  16. I LOVE grandma's chairs (they are now showing signs of wear, thanks to me. Oh boy....)
  17. My favourite toys are those that are free and ready for the garbage. I do love my tent though.
  18. I haven't started eating treats yet. Mom is thinking of introducing some to me within the next week.
  19. I don't get fed table scraps at all unless it's chicken or yogurt. I eat whole fat yogurt until I am an adult in order to help me grow. After 1 year, I will not be allowed to eat this type of yogurt. I am actually not a huge fan of anything except my kibble. (Mom is happy. She won't have to feel guilty about not feeding me people food.)
Predictions about the future:
  1. Mom thinks I will get very excited over Xmas decorations, and I will probably try climbing Grandma's tree a few times.
  2. I will remain an active and playful cat well into adulthood.
  3. I will not have the right personality to be a show cat (much to Mom's chagrin...)
Ok, Mom is ready to go back to bed now (hopefully.) I guess I am off with her.


Anonymous said...

Just sounds like you REALLY are a Princess!!

The Rattie Crew said...

Most cats "love" rats...