Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Differences between Mr. Fluffy and Princess Prada

I know we shouldn't compare our pets, but there are just some things we can't help but notice. A few examples:

Dress up time:
Mr. Fluffy - Meh.
Princess Prada - Get... that... thing... off... of.. me... before I shred your hand and turn it into coleslaw!

Mr. Fluffy - Oooo, ham! My favourite! Oooo, turkey! My favourite! Oooo, chicken! My favourite! Oooo, lettuce! My favourite! Oooo, yogurt! My favourite! Oooo, apple sauce! My favourite! Oooo, SOAP BARS! My favourite!
Princess Prada - Ew. Royal Canine Kitten formula #36, dry ONLY, please! No treats, none of that wet food chicken intestine slop. Just Royal Canine Kitten formula #36, DRY. OK?????

Mr. Fluffy - Toy? What's that? Nap time.
Princess Prada - Where's my ball??? Where's my ball??? Mom, I lost my ball!!! Mom!!! Hello??? HELLLLOOOOOO!!!! Play with me! Play with me!!! Find my ball before I turn your back into my new scratching post!


Anonymous said...

Kitty's are all such characters, and always their own little selves,after a lifetime of cat owning, they still surprise me with their individuality. Your Princess really lives up to her name!!

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Yes, they sure are! Each of them is so very unique! Prada is the complete opposite of my Angel Fluffy!