Sunday, October 3, 2010

My mom can be sooooo weird!

You want to know my mom's latest fascination? My knees. You heard right - my knees. She says I'm so cute when I sit pretty, and she like to poke and prod my fuzzy little knees. Told you she is weird...

On a slightly different note, that old gingerbread house of hers FINALLY kicked the bucket. It collapsed and made a mess of dried frosting and gingerbread all over the floor. Would you believe that thing sat there since last Xmas? I would say it was time!! Mom said it was special because she and Mr. Fluffy made it together. Whatever, I'm just glad to see it gone.

Oh yeah, I think Mom's getting a Fall picture taken of me. The SPCA in her hometown is having an outdoor Fall photoshoot, in a couple weekends from now and Mom would like to take me! We will be there that weekend for a conference (well, she thinks.. she needs a final approval for a supply teacher). What a great opportunity to support the local shelter!

We couldn't find the picture of Fluffy helping Mom with the house, but here is a picture of him admiring the bird shortbread cookie. It's the closest picture we could find!

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