Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part 2 of lost attention!

Good evening readers,

Well, this weekend, it was Mom's turn to go to Grandma's, and I stayed home by myself. It wasn't so bad, but I was VERY happy when Mom returned. She feels bad that she left me home, but said that in a couple weeks, we'll be going for the holidays, so I'll get to spend LOTS of time playing with Maya and my new toys! I can't wait. Mom is anxious too because she says she is due f
or a little vacation. She says as much as she loves her work and her students, working with 110 teenagers is very hectic, even at the best of times. Especially since it is her first year. The students are also very much in need of a break at this point. Next weekend is Grandma's birthday, but we won't be going down, since it is the weekend of the Christmas bird count. Mom is very anxious for it. Besides, Grandma's friends are throwing her a big wine & cheese party since it will be her 65th birthday! Anyway, here are some more pictures of kisses and lack of attention. ;)


Mom, what's more important? Me or Facebook???

Looking pretty in jingle bells!

Not sure if she remembers this, but Auntie Linda got this cute collar for Mr. Fluffy shortly after Christmas last year. The other day, Mom was going through all his clothes, costumes and bandanas and came across this collar. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to wear it. It made Mom a little sad to come across it because Mr. Fluffy is not with us this Christmas. It is of some consolation to watch me with it on because I'm so silly running around trying to chase it! Here I am taking a break with the stapler after running around for a good 15 minutes!

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diddleymaz said...

you look gorgeous Princess,Commie and Blanco are impressed!