Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uhhhhhh, not so sure....

"One thing that separates the Himalayan different from the various other cat breeds is that the Himalayans will not jump all over the house in a hyperactive manner. Himalayan cats have a tendency to be a lot calmer. They enjoy living in households which are equally calm. You could sit down in your home with a Himalayan in residence and be sure that your cat will be jumping on your lap in a relatively quick manner. These are cats that LOVE people and they assume all people will reciprocate the love as well."


I am still convinced Prada is either a gremlin or a squirrel with attitude. As much as I love her entertaining stunts, I do wish she was nicer to our friends, guests, and cat sitter. *sigh* And she wonders why we have none!!


diddleymaz said...

As we Mums say if the second one had been the first there wouldnt have been a second!!

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Nice saying! :) No matter what, kitties are too adorable and precious not to have. :)