Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wellllll, I got caught. Normally I don't climb up on tables because it's not allowed (Like eating plants as snack food!) BUT, Mom thought it was cute this time because I had that "am I in trouble?" look on my face.

Then she gave me treats for being so cute. Hmmmm, maybe I should climb up on tables more often!! ;)


Anonymous said...

How on EARTH was he able to climb on the table???

(you-know-who, heehee)

The Rattie Crew said...

I have to agree with "you-know-who" how on earth did you get up on that table?!?!

Luka & Ezri said...

Oh, who could POSSIBLY be mad at THAT face?

Mr. Fluffy said...

Luka & Ezri: That's how I win Mom over is with my innocent look. Works everytime!! >^^<