Friday, July 18, 2008

My favourite snack (if Mom would let me!!!)

I LOOOOOOVE houseplants, and would devour one in a matter of seconds (ok, slight exageration here) IF Mom would let me. BUT, she doesn't. That is why we lack vegetation in our home because Mom doesn't want to take the chance. She had a beautiful China Doll plant before I came to live here, but she gave it to Auntie afterward. Here I am eyeing some delicious looking vegetation!

And guess what!!! We might be getting more fishies!!! Mom is currently fishysiting her co-worker's Beta fish (which looks EXACTLY like Billabong, our old fishy), and now she really wants to get another one. She also really wants rats now (thanks to Auntie!), but said that fish are probably a little cheaper than rats. ;) So fishies it is... (maybe..) for the time being. :)

Oh yes, and here is a cool pic of my best online buddy, Napoleon!! (Mom thinks he is soooo cute!)


lenders said...

very awsome.


meemsnyc said...

Napoleon is cute! You eat plants? Wow! We can't wait to see your fish!

Anonymous said...

Eating plants wonder you're so fat, Mr. Fluffy.

(Mean Auntie J-J)