Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mom's rats ;) (Actually they're Auntie's, but Mom sort of secretly adopted them.)

...but FIRST, we start with ME, because I do the most adorable things sometimes - like stick out my tongue!!! Mom was FINALLY able to catch it on camera to show you. (Not the best quality pics, BUT she had to be a little sneaky, or else I would notice and suck it right back in. hehe...)

Ok. Now to our (errrr, Auntie's) rats! The first pic is of the newest addition: Poe!! Mom says he's SOOO affectionate (especially since he cares more about cuddles than treats!) Would you believe Mom says she ALREADY misses them??? In my opinion, she becomes too attached to them!

Poe and Mom's double chin (hehe)
Luna and Remi

Luna (& a sock! hehe)


Emma (Mom loves the look on her sweet face!)

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