Monday, November 24, 2008

Visit with Santa Claws!

Well, Mom decided to take me to see Santa on Saturday! I was a VERY good boy in the car and didn't meow or pant once! I wasn't even in my carrier! Mom was extremely pleased and thinks she won't have to take me in the carrier when we go visit my grandma over the holidays! Mom put the heated seat on for me and covered me in a blanket, and I was all set!

Anyway, back to Santa... Our local animal shelter called Santa Claws to come down to see all us dogs and cats. (Mom says the proceeds went toward the shelter.) I would say that it was the REAL Santa, but.... it was a woman!!! Apparently Santa is now a woman! MOL...

I received LOTS and LOTS of attention while we were there! Between my pet stroller and my size, I don't know which received more attention (and my cuteness of course! That's just a given..) Even Santa asked Mom how much I weigh! Geez.. I didn't see any other kitties, but there were lots of doggies!! (who gave me UNDESIRABLE attention by sniffing and barking at my presence..) There were other cats though who got their pictures taken throughout the weekend. In case you're interested, here is the website with all the pictures.

I have to admit though, I was not pleased about the picture taking session. Mom thinks they went through about 20 pictures because I would either refuse to: A) Look at the camera, or B) Keep my eyes open. And putting A and B together was near impossible despite having about 4 people squeeking funny looking things at me from behind the photographer and trying to grab my attention (including Mom who was becoming increasingly frustrated despite the photographer's endless patience.. hehe). Anyway, after a while, Mom laughingly told the photographer she could just stop because she thought I would never "give in". I felt bad for Mom's embarrassment of having such a "snotty cat" and creating a line up of people and animals, so I FINALLY gave in and took some pretty cute pictures. Check them out for yourself! (They even snuck one in of Mom holding me! She was a little surprised when she saw a pic of herself on the website. MOL!)


The Rattie Crew said...

You were absolutely adorable!! And such a good boy. Mom wanted to bring a couple of us but she had to attend a workshop, but maybe next year!

Augie Ray said...

My wife and I run a site about pet strollers ( If you'd like to share some photos of you in your pet stroller visiting Santa, please respond by visiting and posting to our blogspot blog:

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!