Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend of research proposals (whatever THAT is) and rattie-sitting!

Mom had lots of work to do this weekend, so she stayed home with me. She also took care of Auntie's furkids over the weekend. Apparently Emma enjoyed watching tv from Mom's hoodie. MOL.. Mom wasn't very nice to me this afternoon. She gave me my treats as usual, but instead of putting them right in front of me (the way I like it!), she decided to scatter them around to make me work for them. Can you imagine! Anyway, I just layed there and gave Mom the "um, are you going to bring them here or not? I'm not walking 'all the way there'"! And you know what? She didn't even budge (yet..). I ate one then went to the kitchen to pout. Mom felt bad, so she brought them over to me. (She could tell I was upset by the unnatural ordeal!) Anyway, here are a couple pics from last night. Mom just loves Auntie's ratties and wonders if she would notice if Mom brought them home with her. (I don't think Auntie would like THAT very much.. and I don't think I would either..)

Emma watching tv!

Adorable Mr. Poe!

Mr. Remi, climbing. :)

Emma being cute in (my) Mom's hoodie :P

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The Rattie Crew said...

Awwww, look at my babies!