Sunday, November 16, 2008

A weekend to myself!

Well, Mom was away this weekend, and Auntie Linda was too, so I had a pretty quiet weekend to myself. I was glad when Mom came home though because my food bowl was completely empty and my fountain was out of water (which, according to Mom, isn't good for the pump). So she refilled it pretty darn fast!

Oh yes, and I was trying to catch a bird that was flying around me!! My eyes got big like saucers and I was just pawing away at it until...... I realized it was Mom who was MAKING it fly (I noticed her chuckling)! Of course, I knew all along.... after all, birds aren't all disorganized like that when they fly. Nice try Mom. Once I saw Mom waving the wand around, I gave up and decided to go back to napping.

I have been 14 years old for a couple weeks now, and it's not all bad. Life is still the same!

Oh! We got a really cool tote bag in the mail on Friday from our animal shelter! Mom ADORES it because it says "Love is a four legged word" and there's a picture of puppies in the word "Love". She has NO idea how she managed to receive such a cool thing, but she will soon be paying a visit with a large quantity of canned cat food along with a kitty xmas card for the staff, and she already purchased our 2009 calendar from them.

Anyway, that is all the kitty news from me for now. Happy Monday everyone!

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meemsnyc said...

It's good your mom came home to fill the water fountain and fill the food bowl. Our beans do that too, we get mad and yack on the floor as a thank you.