Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mom's rats ;) (Actually they're Auntie's, but Mom sort of secretly adopted them.)

...but FIRST, we start with ME, because I do the most adorable things sometimes - like stick out my tongue!!! Mom was FINALLY able to catch it on camera to show you. (Not the best quality pics, BUT she had to be a little sneaky, or else I would notice and suck it right back in. hehe...)

Ok. Now to our (errrr, Auntie's) rats! The first pic is of the newest addition: Poe!! Mom says he's SOOO affectionate (especially since he cares more about cuddles than treats!) Would you believe Mom says she ALREADY misses them??? In my opinion, she becomes too attached to them!

Poe and Mom's double chin (hehe)
Luna and Remi

Luna (& a sock! hehe)


Emma (Mom loves the look on her sweet face!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well Mom's not happy AT ALL this morning.. A few words from her...

I have new neighbours living across from me, and I am not happy AT ALL with them right now. First of all, Fluffy and I live in an apartment building and dogs are not allowed. Simple as that. My new neighbours decided to get one, trying to test the administration (after they said no to their request). Ok, that was just stupid, but anyway. AND I should mention that they already received a warning before they even moved in!

Well for the past couple weeks, this dog has been screaming bloody murder early in the morning until who knows when (because I leave for work at 9:45am, and they're STILL "crying" then.) To me, they need to be taken out, and my neighbours are too lazy to get their arses out of bed!!! And by then, dogs SHOULD have been let out! Either way, I have had enough of hearing that poor dog like that. It's very loud and sounds as if they are in agony! I would be too if I desperately had to pee and was denied access to a washroom!!! It's the kind of noise that stays with you for a good part of the day.. it's that bad.

Anyway, I decided to go down to the office this morning to complain about it. Much to my surprise, they said that they were on their way out because they were warned SEVERAL times. I told them I don't care that they have a dog. That's not the issue. The issue is that they are neglecting it!!!! And they agreed. I told them that if I continue hearing the poor dog screaming bloody murder for another few days, that I would NOT hesitate to contact the SPCA!

You know, people think it's completely unnacceptable to leave a screaming baby in a crib for a couple hours because it's considered NEGLECT. Well, to me, this is the same sort of situation! It is no different! People complain that my baby is too spoiled. But I assure you, it's better to have a spoiled animal than a neglected one!

Anyway, let's hope for a good outcome. My concern is that even if they get booted out, they will still have the dog, and kicking them out won't end the neglect. Arrrgggg, I'm feeling distressed this morning because I can still hear the echo of the horrifying screams. I HATE people like that!!!!!!!!!!

-Mr. Fluffy's Mom

UPDATE (July 25th): Well, I haven't heard anymore doggy cries since I complained, so let's hope the situation got resolved!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ah oh.. now Mom wants to get one for ME!!

Look at this, now my best bud Napoleon has one of those hats!!! You know what that means... now Mom wants to buy one for me too! I don't know, Nappy doesn't look very happy... hmmm..

Nappy is still very much in love with his precious girl Mittens. He went to the beach and look what he made.. awwww...

My online friend Buddy!

I have a new online friend, and he's a pretty cool guy! He even drives a car!! Mom thinks he's some handsome! They're a family of 5! (Yup, his parents have 5 cats!) Check him out for yourself! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

My favourite snack (if Mom would let me!!!)

I LOOOOOOVE houseplants, and would devour one in a matter of seconds (ok, slight exageration here) IF Mom would let me. BUT, she doesn't. That is why we lack vegetation in our home because Mom doesn't want to take the chance. She had a beautiful China Doll plant before I came to live here, but she gave it to Auntie afterward. Here I am eyeing some delicious looking vegetation!

And guess what!!! We might be getting more fishies!!! Mom is currently fishysiting her co-worker's Beta fish (which looks EXACTLY like Billabong, our old fishy), and now she really wants to get another one. She also really wants rats now (thanks to Auntie!), but said that fish are probably a little cheaper than rats. ;) So fishies it is... (maybe..) for the time being. :)

Oh yes, and here is a cool pic of my best online buddy, Napoleon!! (Mom thinks he is soooo cute!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wellllll, I got caught. Normally I don't climb up on tables because it's not allowed (Like eating plants as snack food!) BUT, Mom thought it was cute this time because I had that "am I in trouble?" look on my face.

Then she gave me treats for being so cute. Hmmmm, maybe I should climb up on tables more often!! ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My stroller!!

Sorry I am a bit slow posting pics lately, but it is just so darn warm in our apartment that I haven't had the energy to do so! Anyway, Mom bought me a stroller a while back, and I decided to show you all what it looks like. I don't mind it. I don't love it either, but it's ok. It has been too hot for me to go for a stroll, but Mom's hoping we'll be able to go again once it starts to cool off.