Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend of research proposals (whatever THAT is) and rattie-sitting!

Mom had lots of work to do this weekend, so she stayed home with me. She also took care of Auntie's furkids over the weekend. Apparently Emma enjoyed watching tv from Mom's hoodie. MOL.. Mom wasn't very nice to me this afternoon. She gave me my treats as usual, but instead of putting them right in front of me (the way I like it!), she decided to scatter them around to make me work for them. Can you imagine! Anyway, I just layed there and gave Mom the "um, are you going to bring them here or not? I'm not walking 'all the way there'"! And you know what? She didn't even budge (yet..). I ate one then went to the kitchen to pout. Mom felt bad, so she brought them over to me. (She could tell I was upset by the unnatural ordeal!) Anyway, here are a couple pics from last night. Mom just loves Auntie's ratties and wonders if she would notice if Mom brought them home with her. (I don't think Auntie would like THAT very much.. and I don't think I would either..)

Emma watching tv!

Adorable Mr. Poe!

Mr. Remi, climbing. :)

Emma being cute in (my) Mom's hoodie :P

Monday, November 24, 2008

Visit with Santa Claws!

Well, Mom decided to take me to see Santa on Saturday! I was a VERY good boy in the car and didn't meow or pant once! I wasn't even in my carrier! Mom was extremely pleased and thinks she won't have to take me in the carrier when we go visit my grandma over the holidays! Mom put the heated seat on for me and covered me in a blanket, and I was all set!

Anyway, back to Santa... Our local animal shelter called Santa Claws to come down to see all us dogs and cats. (Mom says the proceeds went toward the shelter.) I would say that it was the REAL Santa, but.... it was a woman!!! Apparently Santa is now a woman! MOL...

I received LOTS and LOTS of attention while we were there! Between my pet stroller and my size, I don't know which received more attention (and my cuteness of course! That's just a given..) Even Santa asked Mom how much I weigh! Geez.. I didn't see any other kitties, but there were lots of doggies!! (who gave me UNDESIRABLE attention by sniffing and barking at my presence..) There were other cats though who got their pictures taken throughout the weekend. In case you're interested, here is the website with all the pictures.

I have to admit though, I was not pleased about the picture taking session. Mom thinks they went through about 20 pictures because I would either refuse to: A) Look at the camera, or B) Keep my eyes open. And putting A and B together was near impossible despite having about 4 people squeeking funny looking things at me from behind the photographer and trying to grab my attention (including Mom who was becoming increasingly frustrated despite the photographer's endless patience.. hehe). Anyway, after a while, Mom laughingly told the photographer she could just stop because she thought I would never "give in". I felt bad for Mom's embarrassment of having such a "snotty cat" and creating a line up of people and animals, so I FINALLY gave in and took some pretty cute pictures. Check them out for yourself! (They even snuck one in of Mom holding me! She was a little surprised when she saw a pic of herself on the website. MOL!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A weekend to myself!

Well, Mom was away this weekend, and Auntie Linda was too, so I had a pretty quiet weekend to myself. I was glad when Mom came home though because my food bowl was completely empty and my fountain was out of water (which, according to Mom, isn't good for the pump). So she refilled it pretty darn fast!

Oh yes, and I was trying to catch a bird that was flying around me!! My eyes got big like saucers and I was just pawing away at it until...... I realized it was Mom who was MAKING it fly (I noticed her chuckling)! Of course, I knew all along.... after all, birds aren't all disorganized like that when they fly. Nice try Mom. Once I saw Mom waving the wand around, I gave up and decided to go back to napping.

I have been 14 years old for a couple weeks now, and it's not all bad. Life is still the same!

Oh! We got a really cool tote bag in the mail on Friday from our animal shelter! Mom ADORES it because it says "Love is a four legged word" and there's a picture of puppies in the word "Love". She has NO idea how she managed to receive such a cool thing, but she will soon be paying a visit with a large quantity of canned cat food along with a kitty xmas card for the staff, and she already purchased our 2009 calendar from them.

Anyway, that is all the kitty news from me for now. Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Although Mom isn't sure the exact date I was born, she knows I was born around the beginning of November, so she decided to claim November 1st as my bday. I am 14 years old today!!!! So today is a big day. I received my bday gift first thing this morning!!! (Well, not when I woke up, but when Mom woke up.) She bought me a Cat Fanciers' Association Porcupine Wiggler! I'm still not quite sure about it... When you stretch the tail, it wiggles itself to you, and I had fun batting at it until it came straight for me. I wasn't too happy about it invading my personal space... Nonetheless, it's a pretty cool toy. Mom also wrote a poem in my honour. It really touched my heart. I will share it with you all.

Happy Birthday, Baby

Fluffy, you were born in 1994
From that moment on, you are the one I adore.
14 years of fond memories have passed,
My love for you will always last.

You are the best friend I have ever had,
You are always there for me when I am sad.
ere is not much you ask in return,
Yet, from you, so much I learn.

You have taught me to laugh and smile,
To be sensitive to your meows when you haven't seen me in a while.
To realize that animals too are family,
But most of all, to love what surrounds me.

Fluffy, I am starting to see aging in your eyes so amber.
I have to realize we can not be together forever.
I c
an not imagine my life without you my friend,
But to think you will always be with me, I can not pretend.

But for now, your 14 years we will celebrate,
And leave the rest we will to fate.
We have an understanding between us that will never die,
Even after you must say goodbye.

You make my life so worthwhile,
Through your purrs you make me smile.
So let us give cheers,
Baby, here is to 14 beautiful and meaningful years.

Love, Mom