Friday, January 23, 2009

Animals really ARE the best medicine!

Well, Mom took some painkillers on Wednesday night for her back pain which landed her in the hospital by ambulance because she was having really bad stomach spasms which were cutting off her breathing, made her cold, clammy, and weak, AND she couldn't speak (literally! She couldn't even answer the 911 lady. She only managed to whisper a "yes" when asked if she needed an ambulance). She hated to call, but knew she couldn't drive herself. She has a digestive issue which may have been a problem when she took the painkillers, so she was in the hospital overnight. She is feeling fine now, but the doctor wants her back in a week for more blood tests since the ones they took were out of whack along with the Xrays of her abdomen. Something to do with Mom's liver. She's remaining confident that it's nothing to worry about though.

She really wishes I could have been there with her, but unfortunately that's not possible. However, the REAL medicine for her was when she returned home at 7am and I went to sleep with her for a couple hours. On those rare occasions, I will go up to her and cuddle & purr by her side, and I did!
Then last night, I went to sleep with her at 10pm and we both ended up sleeping for 11 hours (and probably more if my grandma wouldn't have called!) That is VERY rare for me because I always wake up mom in the early morning to remind her that I need my breakfast and litter box (MOL). But I stayed with her and didn't make a sound until she got up. She feels MUCH better now, and owes it all to me! (Hmmmm, think some treats could be involved in that??)

I'm such a good boy...

Dr. Fluffy, M.D.

PS Mom would like to add that the painkillers have been flushed down the toilet!!!

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