Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ok Mom, you can stop laughing now!! ANY TIME!!!

First of all, I decided to "assist" Mom with some yoga positions last night. She decided to do the full bridge pose (Dhanurasana) because she's weird and likes being upside down. Anyway, I decided to crawl under her and lay there. NOT a great idea... Mom says she could have squished me if she didn't realize I was there. Good thing I moved out of the way!

Ok, so my best furiend Napoleon sent me a message today. He's on a diet right now because he weighs about 16 lbs. Mom says I "lucked out" on a fat trimming diet because my food can't be altered. (I'm already on a prescribed diet due to my tendency to form excrutiatingly painful crystals in my bladder - Feline Urological Syndrome.) ANYWAY, here is the message he sent me. Mom could not stop laughing. She's contemplating the stylish tummy tube. I REFUSE to wear such an item on my purrfect physique!!

Jan 7th and 8th...GOT BELLY FLAB???,....
After considerable research, I think you have 3 options. 1) a TUMMY TUCK by a certified cosmetic vet. Of course, your pawrents would have to sell off a car to afford this surgery. It's not covered by VIP insurance. 2) a TUMMY TUBE. Your Mom could knit you a stylish tube to slip over your head and slide down to hold up the flab. Cost less. or 3) BELLY DANCING...Here's how you do it. Stand next to your scratching post and hold on with your right paw. Bend your knees slightly, suck in that tummy...mol Shift your hip (you did find it, didn't you?) to the right, then forward, then left , then back, then repeat. Do this a few times. then REST. Tomorrow, go the other direction---left...I'll add hip flips and figure eights during this month of fitness. Oh, you might want to do this to music. Your siblngs won't laugh so loud. Casey, a skinny dude, running for COTM. #60584

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meemsnyc said...

Belly Dancing sounds interesting!!