Monday, March 23, 2009

Mom thinks she's ready to lose it.

It's Monday night, 12:53 AM, and our downstairs neighbour decided to throw a party tonight. They have been loud since suppertime! We decided to try to go to bed anyway, but it is impossible through the ruckous. Anyway, Mom decided to go check to make sure it is indeed coming from downstairs, and would you believe she just had to step outside the door to know?? Sooo, guess who will be complaining to our landlords again tomorrow morning! This is the 2nd time Mom complains about them, so hopefully something will get done this time?? Honestly, who throws parties on a Monday night??? Mom says they're just asking for it!

This reminds me. Mom and Auntie J-J decided to retreat to the country this weekend (since Grandma is still away until May). Anyway, they claim that it was nice and peaceful. Mom says it was nice to wake up to birds chirping instead of babies screaming. Also, Auntie J-J lives in a building too, so she thought it was nice and peaceful to sleep as well. I had a good time with Auntie Linda while Mom was away. I'm thankful for the food since she forgot to feed me before she left!! Can you imagine!!

Mom was supposed to go on an outing called the "Owl Prowl" on Saturday night, but she opted for the getaway weekend instead. Anyway, when she got back, she decided to go for a walk through the park in our backyard to see what she could find. She attracted about a dozen Chickadees, and she heard something else, but she didn't get to see what it was despite trying to find whatever it was (a deep trill sound). It was nice because she said she didn't encounter a single person (just the way she likes it), so she stayed with the Chickadees for a good while to watch them fly around and listen to their beautiful chatter. MOL..

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