Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mom's back!!! Yippeee!!!

Mom's back from her trip, and I am VERY happy! Our neighbour took good care of me which is good because Mom had a dream while she was away that she came home and I was completely neglected. Anyway, our neighbour came over for a few minutes today because we had a little something for her, and she told Mom that I was fine for the first couple days or so, then I started to meow quite a bit, I didn't eat as much, and I looked depressed! Mom feels awful and had a feeling that would happen because I'm not used to Angela. But I know she missed me a whole lot too. She almost drove Grandma nuts because she kept asking: "What do you think Fluffy is doing now?" Of course Grandma's answer was always the same: "What do you think he's doing? He's either eating or sleeping!"

Anyway, Mom knew I missed her too because I meowed, purred, and was extremely cuddly from the time she got home until late this morning!! In other words, allowing her a full night's sleep was out of the question last night. I have never been THIS happy to see her.

Oh yeah, guess what... Mom broke my water fountain!! It happened right before she left. Anyway, she emailed Hagen (The company that makes the Cat It Drinking Fountain) to ask how she could purchase a replacement valve because she didn't want to have to buy a whole new fountain! You know what they did?? They sent one to us free of charge!!! Not only that, but it was here in no time, AND get this... for my (yes, "MY" as in "the cat"!) inconvenience, they also included a whole bag of treats, a coupon, and a whole replacement pack in the parcel!!! I'm not fond of the treats though, so Mom will probably give them to another kitty. Nonetheless, Mom was so satisfied with the service that she will be sending them a pleasant email to thank them for the outstanding service. Seriously, how often does THAT happen!!!


The Rattie Crew said...

Whaaat you are not fond of a treat?! heh heh heh

Mr. Fluffy said...

They're pineapple chicken flavoured! Seriously, what cat eats pineapple chicken flavoured treats? No wonder they gave them to me free. MOL!