Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick little guy

Well, I've been giving Mom a bit of a scare. For a while, I was sick of my wet food, so Mom stopped feeding it to me. She re-introduced it to me about a week ago, and I appeared to be doing fine, except the past few days. I started throwing up after eating, but then I would be fine! Only today, my tummy is feeling extra yucky because I have been pooping on the floor too (something I NEVER do!!) So Mom became very worried about me and called the vet. It is a civic holiday here, so vets are closed. Anyway, the doctor on call said that it was most likely the wet food causing my distress and to stop feeding it to me. He said that I was probably defecating on the carpet because I felt bad about throwing up (though Mom thought this sounded a bit odd..??) Anyway, she's been giving me lots of TLC today, and decided to stay home with me. She'll see what happens and if things aren't better by tomorrow morning, she'll take me to the vet. Sounds like I just have a sore tummy though, thankfully!!

Well, back to some TLC with Mom.. she's going to make me some boiled chicken with rice to help settle my tummy. Mmmmm...

Oh oh.... and I just did my business in my litterbox!!! Woo hoooo!!

Unfortunately, because of my age, this ordeal has left Mom feeling rather upset and making her realize that I can't be with her furever. She's realizing how unprepared she is for when "the time" comes.

I'll keep ya's posted on what's going on with me.


diddleymaz said...

Oh take care! I dont supose the heat helps either,Mommy-I love my old kittys so know how your feeling!

Anonymous said...

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