Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unintentional birding!

Mr. Fluffy: I have been feeling much better lately now that I haven't been eating any wet food. I haven't been throwing up, but now I haven't pooped in over 2 days. Mom checked around the apartment in case I did my business elsewhere, but nothing. Mom was away though, so maybe I'll feel like going again now that she's back! The main thing is that I am doing much better. YAY!

Monique: I was at my mom's over the weekend and ended up doing a bit of unintentional birding. Yesterday, I took the neighbour's dog out for a walk, and saw two gorgeous Cedar Waxwings! Sadly, I didn't have my binoculars with me (isn't that always the way!), but they were close enough to get a good look. Sadly, I also came across a dead Sparrow on the dirt road. :(

This morning was the greatest surprise. I was eating breakfast with my aunt & uncle when my aunt noticed an interesting bird up in one of the trees. Paying no attention, I told her it was probably just a crow. My step-dad's binos were within reach, so we grabbed them and figured out that it was a Peregrine Falcon!! I thought it was a Merlin, but my aunt & uncle are experienced birders, so they knew right away. Though, they were surprised to find it in the area (in a tree!). According to my uncle, they were once on the endangered species list, but brought them back. Interesting! Now that he knows I'm a birder (and him being a university professor and a birder himself), he quizzed me all weekend on every bird we saw (including gulls!) which was actually pretty fun!

On my way home, I noticed an osprey surveying the highway from its nest.


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The Rattie Crew said...

Great to hear you are feeling better!!