Thursday, November 5, 2009

A morning with Mabel the canine!

Well, Mom took Auntie's adorable doggie (according to Mom) named Mabel out for a nice long walk this morning to one of her favourite spots. They walked for almost 2 hours! Mabel had a great time exploring and sniffing, and Mom enjoyed a bit of birding and just hanging out with the pooch! I, of course, stayed home because I didn't want Mabel to chase me! I'm sure given the opportunity, she would too. They saw Crows of course, a Woodpecker, a Blue Jay and lots of little Chickadees! They also saw a couple squirrels, and Mabel caught glimpse of a white barn cat!! According to Mom, the cat ran pretty quickly when Mabel made her presence known. I can't say I blame the feline!!

During their outing, Mom chatted with Mabel and taught her things like how the leaves change colour in the Fall and they fall on the ground, and how everything dies and looks yellow. She also taught her about different bovines and showed her some black and white cows. She also taught her about tides and how water goes up and down. Ok, good thing nobody was around because they might have thought Mom was a little silly "teaching" a dog about these things!!?? She did assure me that she wouldn't have done this if other people were around. I sure hope not!

Anyway, Mom says she had a lot of fun and hopes to do this again soon! Here are a few pics of their outing.

Mabel checking out the scenery!

Oh!! What was THAT?

Mabel kisses are the best. Hee hee...

The intended purpose of this contraption!

So beautiful...

This was interesting.. I sure wouldn't want to fall in!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Mr. Fluffy, I cannot get over how mommy has changed her mind about Mabel! Mommy changes her mind as often as us human change socks! ;-) - Auntie J-J

Mom made me a promise this evening. She promised me that I will remain her one and only furchild furever. She will not bring in any other cats, rats, dogs, or anything else into our home for as long as I am here. She said she wouldn't even talk about it. She does not want to cause me any sort of grief whatsoever. I think my mommy loves me - even if I tried keeping her out of the apartment for about 10 minutes when she came home from work tonight. It's bad enough that she leaves me for any amount of time let alone bringing another critter into the picture.

Mr. Fluffy said...

What does Mabel have to do with Mr. Fluffy? Mabel doesn't live here with us and I don't own her.. I love Chevy too, but it doesn't mean he lives with us.. J'get pas.