Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Obedience training" and first weekend at Grandma's!

This weekend, Mom and I are going to Grandma's for Mother's Day! It will be my first time away from home. Mom's a little nervous because for one thing, the house is HUGE! Second of all, I am a little door greeter and as soon as I hear a key in the door, I'm out the door!! We live in an apartment so it isn't really a problem here, but it could be a problem there for some reason. Something about me flying out the door and never seeing me again which wasn't a problem for Mr. Fluffy I guess. So that being said, Mom says there are a few details to work out before we go. Oh yeah, did I mention that I also figured out how to climb/jump over my baby gate? Mom isn't happy.

As for "obedience training", Mom is starting to put her foot down now when it comes to biting and scratching her hands and feet. She says I'm now old enough to hear the word "no!" and be rewarded for cuddle time (as short as it is, especially for young kittens like myself). Of course when I bite and scratch, it is in a playful way and doesn't hurt, but Mom thinks it could turn into a bad habit when I'm older and be a lot more unacceptable. Of course I'm still allowed to be playful, but just with toys. I guess hands and feet aren't toys.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm now using a "big girl" litterbox! I'm such a tiny kitten, but I didn't like my baby box. Since I haven't been using it, Mom decided to take it out of the way. She is also happy that she no longer has to have a litterbox in the livingroom!

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Have a wonderful weekend at Grandma's!!